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Hair iron straightner

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Hair iron straightner

│Product Info│

  1. Technically advanced and ergonomically designed to reduce wrist stress
  2. Angled grip good for straightening works
  3. Advanced Semi digital LCD temperature display
  4. Maximum heating plate (92mm)360 swivel cord with Titanium heating plate
  5. Genarating ions to protect damaged hair & anti-bacterial effect
  6. Heats to a maximum temperature of 450F(100C to 220C) in less than 30seconds
  7. Recover to the setting degree in a few seconds while ironing
  8. Automated triple safety device(thermal fuse,temperature sensor & leakage breaker)
  9. OnOff and dual temperature control buttons

│Payment terms│

  1. MG505 : FOB Busan U$27.00
  2. MG500C : FOB Busan U$28.00
  3. MG500T : FOB Busan U$32.00
  4. MG401 : FOB Busan U$15.00
  5. MG302(Volume Iron) : FOB Busan U$28.00
  6. MG102(mini Flat Iron) : FOB Busan U$12.00

│Payment period 6weeks│

We also manufacture customer maketing machine, please take to following to considerations.


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